Over three decades of experience in design, manufacturing & maintenance of water treatment plants across various industry segments helps us in understanding the operational requirements of our customers. Genuine, quality spares from OEM enhances the operational reliability of the WTP. The quality & inspection procedures, applicable to spare parts, are the same as that of the water treatment plant.


Being an OEM, with reverse engineering capabilities, we have the distinct & unique advantage of being able to supply the exact blend & quality of chemicals on which the process calculations & design of your plant has been finalized. Our in-house design & engineering capabilities enable us to standardize our chemicals on plants of any make & design.

While maintaining one of the largest inventory of spares in the industry, customers, from any location, can order a wide range of replacement parts and consumables, from valves, pumps, resins & membranes, on our 24/7 mail id .Service requests, with all details required by any customer, can also be submitted, from anywhere in the world, through our website


This is a professional service package which covers the water & waste water equipments. The preventive maintenance concept is followed to deliver value to customer. Regular features of this package include scheduled inspection visits and scheduled maintenance and services. Availability of all spares & chemicals, at irresistible rates, otherwise not available to any customer, is a key feature of this package.


It is a comprehensive service contract where the Customer Care Division undertakes complete responsibility of supply of treated water, of designed quality & quantity, at any customer’s place. Right from manpower to services to spares to consumables are provided by Customer Care Division and the customer is free of worries.


With expansion in production, water requirements will also increase. To provide the best possible solution for this, we upgrade the existing water treatment scheme for enhanced requirements through retrofitting. All of this is planned and supervised by professionals with high qualifications and years of experience and executed by engineers with enormous experience and a thorough commitment to the customer.


At Shree Water Technology, we believe that providing services and assistance alone is not enough to solve all the problems. Being a total water management solutions provider, we offer a complete onsite training package to our customers. With this, we empower the users of water treatment plant by upgrading and updating their knowledge on the various aspects related to water chemistry, water treatment, basics of maintenance, operating procedures, technology, etc. Our knowledge and experience, in water treatment, is transferred to the users of the water treatment plants and equipment at a very nominal cost.


Service at your doorstep on demand – is a mantra which we follow for this service package. Be it a troubleshooting call or seasonal service requirement, we provide services on demand. We offer a wide array of services attended to & delivered by experienced engineers. Howsoever complex your problem is, we assure you an optimum solution.


A comprehensive study of total water circuit, with an objective to enhance the efficiency (Quality as well as Quantity) of the entire circuit, is performed by our expert engineers. A detailed report along with our recommendations is submitted at the end of the study to allow customers take a wise decision on their water management needs.

Water constitutes 70% of the earth’s volume. However, today, due to industrialization, globally, scarcity of water and contamination of lake and river water with organic impurities and heavy metals has become a serious concern. Water also contains harmful chemicals in dissolved state (TDS) which are reasons for hardness, excess iron etc which affects the performance of boilers and cooling towers. Our ground water table has depleted and large amounts of hazardous chemicals like fluorides and nitrates are being found which is harmful to the humn body.

Shree Water Technology has a well equipped laboratory facility, where we study and recommend a comprehensive solution for effective functioning of water treatment plants. Sampling is done by our engineers based on customer’s requirement and terms agreed to. Customers can also send in their samples with the parameters, which are to be analyzed, well defined.

We are sure that the above range of services touches every possible area of concern that you may have regarding the performance, operation, maintenance and up keep of your water treatment plant. We will only be glad to address any of your concerns

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